Secrets of a Shopaholic: How I never pay full price for anything!

I am a shopper, but I am also a bargain shopper and refuse to pay full price for an item of clothing. I would hate for you to also pay full price, when you can get that new top and treat yourself to lunch too! Here are my 3 hacks to saving money while shopping online.

  1. Shoptagr: A google chrome extension that allows you to save any item to a list and notifies you when the item is on sale, including coupons, low in stock or back in stock in the size and color you want.
  2. Honey: A google chrome extension, that will automatically apply coupon codes to your shopping cart.
  3. Student Discounts or Email Sign-ups: If you are enrolled in college or university I highly recommend signing up for UNIDAYS. gives you access to basically every retailer that offers a student discount and allows you to save 10% or more every time you make a purchase. If you are no longer a student, an alternative to student discounts are signing up for a company’s newsletter, usually first time subscribers automatically receive a discount. If you have already signed up for that company’s newsletter create a new email to receive an additional discount for a future purchase.

My blog story

Hello fellow fashionistas,

On and off over the past five years, I have been blogging on this website I created called, Florida Fashionista, it has been an outlook for me to express my personal style and opinions on various topics, ranging from fashion trends, music and books.

//The first outfit I posted on my blog, later used for my first Linkedin profile picture.//

I used to come home from school with an outfit idea in my head, ready to change and shoot. I would literally open the sliding doors to my porch, beg my brother to take my picture, pick that awful “looking-down” pose (which you can see in the photos above) and shot against a bland beige wall.

Then I disappeared. I still wanted to blog, but I lacked a photographer and I didn’t want to bother anyone. I was only comfortable with my brother as my photographer. Since I started college, if I did want to photograph an outfit, I would make a makeshift tripod for my IPhone in my dorm room. The self-timer feature on my phone would let me have a mini photoshoot in my room. If I liked the picture, I would post it on my Instagram.

If anything, I regret not coming back to this blog sooner. I think being a part of a fashion organization on campus for the last 3 years gave me the outlet I used to have. It’s now my last semester in my organization, but I still want to be part of the fashion world and I miss blogging.

Fashion is something I will always love and be passionate about. All the love to everyone who still follows this blog and enjoys the content, hopefully it can only get better from here forward.

//If you want to see more old outfit posts, you can visit here//