The Blazer


Royal Blue

Polka Dot




Those were the colored blazers I owned in high school that were an active participant in my weekly wardrobe. I loved blazers and I still do! Trending for the past few months and continuing to trend are blazers. Everyone owns a blazer, but this piece often associated with business professional, has gotten a trendy update. Oversized silhouettes, plaid, unexpected colors, textures and classic black blazers have been seen on almost every fashion influencer styled in innovative ways. As a finance student for the past four years, I will admit I haven’t grab a blazer to wear for fashion purposes in awhile. But I am inspired again and looking forward to adding a blazer back to my weekly wardrobe.



Blazer: Dillards

Jeans: Thrift Store

Top: Zara

Fanny Pack: Thrift Store

Ankle Boots: Zara


First North Clothing


First North Clothing is an up and coming lifestyle and streetwear brand. Bringing you the newest styles and trends in the streetwear world.

If you love Supreme, Kith, Off-white and any brands alike, but can’t afford the price tag or hit purchase quick enough on release day, this up and coming brand is the the answer for those of us who enjoy and love streetwear.

From trendy “dad” hats to the perfect instagram-worthy tees, First North offers creative, new and fashionable pieces.

“I see First North becoming a well-known streetwear brand, that represents more than just clothing. It’s a brotherhood before a brand.” Marzuwq Bholai, one of the founders said.  “We’re just getting started.”



Long sleeve: First North Clothing Tour Tee

Pants: Zara

Sneakers: Vans

To learn more about First North Clothing check out the article below!

Support First North Clothing on instagram @firstnorthclothing , twitter @firstnorthclo & visit them at

*This is not a sponsored post

My blog story

Hello fellow fashionistas,

On and off over the past five years, I have been blogging on this website I created called, Florida Fashionista, it has been an outlook for me to express my personal style and opinions on various topics, ranging from fashion trends, music and books.

//The first outfit I posted on my blog, later used for my first Linkedin profile picture.//

I used to come home from school with an outfit idea in my head, ready to change and shoot. I would literally open the sliding doors to my porch, beg my brother to take my picture, pick that awful “looking-down” pose (which you can see in the photos above) and shot against a bland beige wall.

Then I disappeared. I still wanted to blog, but I lacked a photographer and I didn’t want to bother anyone. I was only comfortable with my brother as my photographer. Since I started college, if I did want to photograph an outfit, I would make a makeshift tripod for my IPhone in my dorm room. The self-timer feature on my phone would let me have a mini photoshoot in my room. If I liked the picture, I would post it on my Instagram.

If anything, I regret not coming back to this blog sooner. I think being a part of a fashion organization on campus for the last 3 years gave me the outlet I used to have. It’s now my last semester in my organization, but I still want to be part of the fashion world and I miss blogging.

Fashion is something I will always love and be passionate about. All the love to everyone who still follows this blog and enjoys the content, hopefully it can only get better from here forward.

//If you want to see more old outfit posts, you can visit here//